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Tyler Harkness

After 4 years with Archmill, I can say that I have never worked in a company that invests so much into process improvement and holding the highest quality standards. Archmill is strongly committed to providing the best products and services for their clients.

Internships and Co-operative Education

At Archmill House Inc, we are looking towards the future! The Archmill /Co-op program consists of internships and co-operative education opportunities, its vision is to provide a benefit to both the Company and participating students. While Archmill House Inc. receives assistance from talented students with projects and an expanded candidate pool for future full-time hiring, participating students receive real business experience and a valuable look at future careers. In addition, students who have participated in a Co-op or Intern program also increase their marketability for full-time positions upon graduation.

The co-op program is intended to be a gateway to long-term employment in a field that the student has expressed a desire in while providing training and work experience in a manufacturing environment. Archmill House Inc. is strongly committed to employing and participating in our communities where we live and play, we are extremely proud of the many students that ha participated with us in making their career choices in the woodworking industry a positive one.

What are the benefits?

Co-op provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes through hands-on experience;
  • Explore a career in order to make informed educational and career decisions;
  • Develop maturity and self-confidence;
  • Strengthen employability skills;
  • Gain valuable work experience;
  • Develop networking opportunities;
  • “Step-up” for entry into post-secondary institutions.

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